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Easicook is a leading UK distributor for Maidaid glasswashers & commercial dishwashers
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Maidaid Dishwashers & Glasswashers
The Maidaid Halcyon ranges are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure many years of service. Maidaid glasswashers & Maidaid dishwashers have been designed to give perfect results every wash whilst offering outstanding quality, reliability and affordability
Maidaid have a wide range of dishwashers to suit every business with many years of machine develpment.

The commercial dishwasher & glasswasher ranges are also fitted with robust electro-magnetic parts and strong metal wash & rinse arms

maidaid Glaswashers Maidaid Dishwashers   

Maidaid Dishwashers - Maidaid Potwashers - Maidaid Glasswashers - Maidaid Passthrough Dishwashers